When you need a web site, you need more than a pretty page.

In developing a website, many people begin by thinking primarily about the appearance of the site. Although a powerful first impression is important, also consider these essential factors:

Search: Your site will need to be easily found on search by your specific audience. This is not an easy task, as your competitors may number in the thousands, all vying for the coveted 3-4 top ranking spots on Google search (or Bing, Yahoo or other search engine). There are many ways to tip the scales in your favor during the construction phase of your site. Before building the site, I analyze your business and competition to find the most strategic keywords to target for your best chance to edge out the Search Competition.

Functionality: When visitors arrive at your site, their first thought should be “This is exactly what I was looking for”. Otherwise, it only takes one click back to the search results to find one of your competitors instead. Great landing pages, simple navigation, and a clear path to conversion (whether this is buying a product, calling you, or signing up to your mailing list) are all essential to success online. When I design a site, I make sure that when your visitors arrive, they find what they need easily and quickly.

When you are competing with hundreds or even thousands of sites in your field, a good online ad can make you visible to your consumers when organic (unpaid) search is not doing the job. Knowing how to write the ad, where to place it and which keywords to bid on are all essential to a successful online ad campaign. While this can be daunting to a new Google Ads user, I streamline the process or handle it for you depending on your preference.

Analysis: In the end, you need to be able to measure the return on your investment. With analytics tools, I can measure how each feature of your site is performing and how your visitors are behaving. It will be important to see how our predictions about visitor behavior measure up to their actual behavior and respond accordingly to keep improving your site’s effectiveness. I can also analyze your site in relation to your business model and see where changes to the site or your ads might improve your revenue most significantly.

So before you invest in a site, make sure it won’t become a pretty island in the online cosmos. Contact me for a free consultation. I will look at your individual business and website, if you have one, and give you specific recommendations for improvements I can help you make or strategies I can employ to help you increase your revenue.